Let's Revolutionize Crypto.

1. Overview

2. Ecosystem

3. Phase 1

4. Phase 2

5. Phase 3


Our goal is to revolutionize the crypto world by launching multiple projects with Unique Selling Propositions (USP) under one Ecosystem. We are here to break up monopolies and create a safe place for the crypto community, where investors can browse through multiple community projects with real world use case.

We are eyeing listing on Binance under “Innovation Zone” and other top exchanges within next 6 to 12 Months. All the decisions regarding upcoming projects, liquidity, wallet locks and taxes have been taken to suit our goal.​

To show our dedication and long term commitment towards DOXXED, the dev wallets have been locked.
Wallet 1 - 4% Locked For 6 Months
Wallet 2 - 4% Locked For 7 Months

​Our In-House Dev team is experienced in developing DAPPS, Web3 applications and writing smart contracts. This makes us effective, efficient and we can venture into new projects and take advantage of the ever evolving crypto space with ease.

​We will start approaching Crypto Hedge funds as soon as "DOX" is listed on Coin Market Cap (CMC) & CoinGecko (CG). To make it more appealing for Hedge Funds/investors and to reward long term holders, taxes will be significantly reduced before the launch of DOX EXCHANGE in January of 2022.


Each project under The DOXXED Ecosystem is carefully planned to give us evergrowing hype, investors, users & revenue.

One Currency

"DOX" will be used as the only currency throughout the ecosystem, thereby constantly increasing the demand.


For DOXPAD we will be frequently collaborating with global celebrities, influencers and other community projects with doxxed teams, giving us more exposure and investors.

Open to All

Our upcoming Projects like doxSocial, doxCasino and doxNFT will be open to all, irrespective of their interest in crypto, giving us more users and revenue.


A community voted project will be launched every quarter under The DOXXED Ecosystem, giving us evergrowing hype, investors and userbase.

Revenue Share

Community can vote on what to do with the revenue generated throughout the doxxed ecosystem i.e. BuyBacks or BNB Reflections to Holders


To build a strong community and userbase for upcoming projects we have launched DOXPAD. Under DOXPAD we will only launch projects with doxxed teams and real world use case.


DOXPAD will work in 3 ways.

1. Community
A Crypto Job Portal for Developers, Web Designers, Artists and crypto enthusiasts who want to work as Mods & Community Managers in awesome projects.

2. Entrepreneurs
We will help build projects from the ground up. Provide verified contract, doxxed teams and help connect with influencers to give projects a head-start.

3. Influencers
To expand our reach and increase our brand value, we will be collaborating with influencers and celebrities from all over the world. All the influencers, celebrities and other projects we have collaborated with will be featured on our website .

Revenue Model
There is no fee involved for the community members who are looking forward to work in the crypto space.
For entrepreneurs, there will be a fixed fee involved in developing and launching a community project under DOXPAD.

DOXXED Community will be given the first preference to buy in presales on DOXPAD.

Phase 2


DOX EXCHANGE is a standalone project and will be launched in January of 2022.

This will be the biggest part of our ecosystem. All the projects from doxLaunchpad and other community projects will have the option to list their token on our exchange after meeting predefined conditions. Along with top stable coins, the staking feature will also be available for the users to generate a steady source of income.

There is a big time gap between the launch of a token on Swap Exchanges and getting listed on the major exchanges. Most of the good projects die between that timeframe as big investors don't invest until coins are listed on major trading platforms.

Our main goal here is to bridge that gap and provide steady volume until the coins/tokens are listed on big exchanges.

Phase 3

Listing Process

After 6 months to start our Phase 3, transaction tax will be reduced significantly to bring hedge fund on board and to reward long term investors.

DOXXED will be the Binance Smart Chain's most ambitious and biggest project yet!

We have gone through a lot of planning and there are a few decision which will be shared later or will be finalized after community voting.

Thank you note!

We can write more and make our White Paper look more awesome but unlike all other projects with big words and fake promises we want our "WORK" to "TALK".

All feedback, suggestions and criticism is welcomed.

If you have made it this far...Thank you!