DOX & Flooz.Trade

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Buy DOX on Flooz.Trade and get a chance to win Upto 1BNB in DOX every month.

We have collaborated with $SYA, to integrate their swap tool Flooz.Trade in our ecosystem.

​Flooz.Trade is an extremely powerful layer on top of our favorite decentralized exchanges, enriching the trading experience significantly by making it faster, human-readable and safer.

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1. Use our Referral Link to buy DOX from Flooz.Trade.
2. Reply with your transaction barcode on our #DoubleUp Twitter post.
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4. Winners will be announced at the start of every month.
5. 25 Winners will be drawn every month.
6. Max DOX that can be won is capped at 1 BNB in DOX Per Wallet.
7. Do not reply with same barcode multiple times, you will be disqualified.